Virtual Healing Conference

Christ came not only to save us from our sins, but to heal us with His merciful redemptive love. If you desire to encounter Christ’s healing love, this conference will be an immersive experience, filled with live prayer rooms, guide healing prayer, and incredible healing testimonies and presentations. Come and be healed!

Catholic Deacons Conference

For Catholic deacons and their spouses, this conference is focused on the formation, education, and spiritual strengthening of Catholic deacons so they and the Church might experience the full fruits […]

Catholic Apologetics Conference

Back by popular demand, VCC is teaming up with Matt Fradd and Pints with Aquinas to help exercise your apologetics muscles. Learn how to defend the Church against the most […]

Advent Conference

Prepare your hearts for the coming of the King of Kings, as we take time to pause from the eggnog (well maybe not the eggnog) and shopping to be immersed in the true meaning of Christmas.